I Am Worm Fodder

Who dared to tell me that I am more then I am and what made me think that I am so significant,
When once I did not even know I existed and once I curled into the warmth surrounding me,
Dependant on one I had not yet met although I instinctively recognised her as my mother.

Today, I am aware of my existence yet tomorrow,
I may be worm fodder.               Six feet under
and these bones clothed with flesh will blacken until I am unrecognisable.
And those who love me will not know me.
Tomorrow a home will be built upon my bones
Not knowing I lie underneath,
Once thinking myself so high
Yet just as those before me,
I returned to my Maker.

I am worm buffet.                    Six feet under
and tomorrow I may return to my Maker.


13 thoughts on “I Am Worm Fodder”

  1. Hi !
    Thanks for liking my site 😉
    I have to tell you that your writing seems very good 🙂 I’m no one to judge it, but personally I like it 😉

    1. Of course. But we will one day leave and we have no control over it what so ever, so we should leave any arrogance we have, we don’t control as much as we think. Thank you for reading, I appreciate it!

  2. wow, i loved this. it’s a poem to check one’s pride and self-centeredness — which a lot of people have nowadays. the title is good, too; it caught my eye right away. keep it up! 😀

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