I Flounder

A path weaved of many paths,
Borne from the actions of one and the thoughts of another.


Twisting and turning, carving, walls towering, ensnared from every side, keenly observing. Which path? What will be and what will become of me?

Valleys sweeping low through the hillside, paving the way through dense fog, stumbling. Or climbing, over dark and heady air, breathe and breathe again, in and out.

Inhale the the sweetness of the coolness surrounding me.  A warm embrace guiding through the unknown, so many paths to the one destination.

I am not convinced of the path ahead. Two steps left, one step right. A puzzle missing pieces, no victory, no conclusion in site.

Yet to stand still with so many opportunities. Only a fool stands still.

Take the first step.


14 thoughts on “I Flounder”

  1. Thank you for quickly liking my poem from years ago called Lady Of Poetry. It is a true story and I really wanted to take people there to sit beside me in that coffee shop poetry reading on a street in San Francisco. I appreciate it so much!

    Brent Kincaid, WordMusic.

  2. Yes, …so many paths…. How wonderful to have choice, how difficult to decide–but does that first decision mean all that follow are predictable? Or is it that we continue to have the next choice and the next until we have created our own path over time.

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