I Fight Demons

There is a voice in my head that tells me only You can fill my heart
and the demons inside me fight it.

And I fight the demons

Knowing their whispers bring my destruction.

Sowing seeds of doubt, delicate stitching,

With thin, black string warping the tendrils of my heart
and thoughts flitting past,

I cannot catch them.

Fearing the day the blackness within me finds it’s way to my tongue,
after all, the soul emerges through conversation
and the tongue is a powerful weapon that can sow your destruction.

And I need to find the strength to fight them.


9 thoughts on “I Fight Demons”

    1. I shall take that as a compliment! Nope, no novel, just the thoughts in my head, some that try to take me down a path I don’t want to go.
      Thank you for reading and commenting πŸ™‚

      1. Well, seriously, consider it or let me have these lines for a novel:P I can’t pay you, though. Til I get paid, anyway.

        Don’t drift into the dark too far. Nor should you feed such thoughts too much. I wasted my high school poetry on such.

        But, use these lines to start a grander story. And, you’ll hook far more readers on something better.

        1. Lol I’m not sure I would succeed with a novel! Too much of a commitment. I’m not so much concerned about readers, to me poetry is just a way to express myself, it helps me to solidify some of my thoughts.
          And yeh, it’s definitely not a good idea to drift into those thoughts too often. Dangerous business.

          1. Well, start with a short story. Write about 5-30 pages, depending on what’s comfortable for you. Then, try to imagine that ball of ideas stretched further. Write an outline, figuring what would go in 10-25 slots. How could you embellish each piece? Sometimes that “commitment” is just figuring out how to fill in details. I can be long-winded when I get going. But, thinking about writing 300 pages seems daunting from the start. I just completed my second pick-a-path book in a series I started a few years ago. It’ll be roughly 200 sheets thick, 400 pgs. by number. And, unlike the books I read as a kid, they’re not pages littered with graphics. If I add those, the book will probably be closer to 600 pgs. It took me a year to write the first book. Four months to complete the second.

            I get the poetry thing. I was there once. But, now it makes me wince. I’m pretty much done with poetry. I have moved on to bigger projects.

            But, you crafted some potent little words, and I see bigger potential for them. Someday, you could be the Hemmingway or Fitzgerald people are quoting when they recite that first line of your tale of two cities.

  1. Demons define us as much as any aspect of our self, some we fight, some we embrace and there are demons that just have to be accepted

    “When faced by angels and demons alike remember, they are parts of a whole and our true nature makes up the most our self
    To learn and accept our true nature is the real challenge”

    PS: epic post and some truly relevant subject matter

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