I Dream of Bliss

A dead heart.
Blackened and rusted, these sins have darkened
every crevice

and the gates of hell are closed
and burning embers flee for a moment,

Eyes shut. To charred flesh giving way for Gardens of Bliss
if only the chance is taken,

While the devils are chained up
and the gates of hell are closed.

Life can return to the dead and flaking heart.



11 thoughts on “I Dream of Bliss”

  1. So dark…I love it! I don’t know why, but when I write (or attempt to write) poetry, my mind slips into the shadowed places. When I read poetry, I seek out darkness and angst, thus this one of yours, I feel…will definitely read more of your offerings. Of all the classic poets, Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite.

    1. I prefer darker poetry too. But honestly, I don’t read many poems, it’s only if I come across something on the internet. Although I do get told that I should read more lol.
      Thank you.

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