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I Hide My Heart

I see your face in the frost
Lovingly carved in ice until the white disappears
and I see the truth behind your flesh

I am inadequate.

A torrential downpour of torrential rain rains upon your face
slowly melting away the remnants of beauty that I once saw

I am inadequate.

I have carved your face in the etchings of my heart
but the lines are fading

And I see your face in the frost, sometimes.

So now a fine layer of snow covers your eyes
and I forget to remember.

Perhaps the first snowflakes of an avalanche do not sow destruction.
And perhaps I am fool to think the future will not answer the past.

I hide my heart.
I am inadequate.


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I Fill My Heart

He never disappoints,
No, never.

His Love drowns you until you weep for reasons
that reason does not understand,
A bundle of flesh and blood crying out to your Lord,
‘Let me love You! And fill my heart with You!
You never disappoint! No, never!’

Time passes as through a sieve,
Months and years pass as moments
until that moment is life.
And people come and go, and people love,
but people lack the strength to fill my heart.

He never disappoints.
No, never.

I Resent

It has been a year and for so long it has stayed with me.
The resentment in my heart grows,
not for it, but what it invoked within me.
And I have tried to rid my self of this infestation
and still it oozes.
Truly do the consequences of your actions live long,    
a blackened tar upon your soul

Fight for you, I say. Fight for who you are and who you know yourself to be.
And do not let another define who you become.

I Carry Your Beauty

I carry your beauty with me.
A heady burden to bear, knowing what you stand for –
Suppressing my mindlessness, giving me strength to stand
against a world that wishes to mould me. –
I carry your beauty with me, not knowing if I am worthy,
but knowing ultimately, I carry my soul within you.
You epitomize who I wish I could be, your character shines through no matter how you hide,
Like moths to a flame, people are drawn to you, uncomfortable and afraid by what they feel,
not knowing why they feel
    and within your beauty, I find a sense of worth
I belong to you, just as you belong to me and I will carry your beauty with me,
Indeed, It would be heavy burden to bear, if your beauty was not with me.