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I Hope

An occasional ask of numbness

from the grief that pours through the earth’s veins.

For the leaves are entrenched in the blood of the innocent,

with her eyes hopeless.

And the earth rebels and roars at the injustice.

but justice will come.

Surely justice will come.






I Carry Your Beauty

I carry your beauty with me.
A heady burden to bear, knowing what you stand for –
Suppressing my mindlessness, giving me strength to stand
against a world that wishes to mould me. –
I carry your beauty with me, not knowing if I am worthy,
but knowing ultimately, I carry my soul within you.
You epitomize who I wish I could be, your character shines through no matter how you hide,
Like moths to a flame, people are drawn to you, uncomfortable and afraid by what they feel,
not knowing why they feel
    and within your beauty, I find a sense of worth
I belong to you, just as you belong to me and I will carry your beauty with me,
Indeed, It would be heavy burden to bear, if your beauty was not with me. 

I Am Silenced

I cannot comprehend it. I do not want to think of it. But like a broken record, it winds round and round again until I ache from within and I have no way of pouring out this grief.
You sit there, so proud, mocking,
You mock me. You with your so called humanity. You are a disgrace, an abomination. How do you sleep?
I suffer from within. As though you have done to me what you have done to him and I am lost for words. Yes I am lost. Just lost

and I have no words left to say.

I Wish To Hold You

I wish to hold you and comfort you.
Take your pain and release you;
To give you hope, from the terror that plagues you.
My heart hurts for you and for your innocence. Lost in the bloodshed, you watch through pained eyes and your innocence dies like the leaves die in winter. Rivers of red that pour from your body. Your hope dies like the sun sets and yet you still believe, even as you are hopelessly stranded in this war torn and lifeless land.
I wish to hold you and comfort you. To hold you and bring you home.
When will this suffering end? An endless desert but I pray, just as billions do, that your suffering fades. I cry for your innocence, as you watch your brother and your sister, your aunt and your uncle, your mother and your father, left alone in this wasteland, they pass in pain, just as the dead earth cries for water, you watch through wounded eyes, and you silently cry for help. Chilling and terrifying.
I wish to hold you and comfort you.
I wish to hold you and bring you home.