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I Cave In

With gritted teeth I tear at my chest and dig
bits of bone and flesh flying
only to find the heart empty.

And through tear filled eyes I blink at the remains,
blurred feet and blood pooling.


And so there is nothing to do
but stitch together the remains.
The thread protrudes, scars bold and evasive
but the thread is strong
the mould holding

And so to the sky, tear filled, hazy eyes
                               I let the air brush my cheek
And mournful howls rustle the leaves
                                 the  heart  is  pounding

And you latch on to the moment
This cavity feels full once again.


I Carry Your Beauty

I carry your beauty with me.
A heady burden to bear, knowing what you stand for –
Suppressing my mindlessness, giving me strength to stand
against a world that wishes to mould me. –
I carry your beauty with me, not knowing if I am worthy,
but knowing ultimately, I carry my soul within you.
You epitomize who I wish I could be, your character shines through no matter how you hide,
Like moths to a flame, people are drawn to you, uncomfortable and afraid by what they feel,
not knowing why they feel
    and within your beauty, I find a sense of worth
I belong to you, just as you belong to me and I will carry your beauty with me,
Indeed, It would be heavy burden to bear, if your beauty was not with me. 

I Revel

Here you are. Here you are. Did you forget? Did you forget what was meant to be? Or was it a case of not knowing how to be? What is this emptiness that resides within me? Take from me what I have held so lovingly,


Take from me.

Saying, wishing,



It not so easy.

Even if it is meant to be.

I will revel in these moments of solace. This peace is a fragile cloud waiting to disperse the rains.

I Traverse

Worn and weary
     I traverse
             the earth
If only for that one moment
That I find contentment within
I shall be ever grateful
That I am not forgotten
For You remember me when I do not remember You
And for that
And that alone
I will walk on
    Tired and weary

Walk on I shall
For You and for you and for you
To whom I owe so much
To You and you all, I am forever grateful.